Zines can contain anything from art to poems to collective histories to recipes and other do-it-yourself tips to … REALLY ANYTHING. A zine can be about as much as everything or nothing that the zine-maker desires. A zine can be any size or any length or make use of different materials, although your basic 8.5×11 sheet of paper folded in half is the most common.

Making a zine can be a radical act even if the zine is about Taco Bell or haikus about your cat because in a world where everything is literally within the click of a button and a few keystrokes, putting something in print still matters. That’s why zines attract a diverse group of makers and readers of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

Submitting Your Digital Content

The submission process is free. You are welcome to submit as many pieces of digital content as you would like. Before you submit, please make sure that your content is:

  • Reflective of Richmond Public Library’s mission to Inform * Enrich * Empower
  • Art and writing that teens and adults would enjoy.
  • An original work to which you own the rights.

What Digital Content Can I Submit?

We encourage a diverse range of submissions that reflect and celebrate Richmond’s art and literary communities.

Accepted File Formats

Images, Pamphlets, ‘Zines (ePUB, JPG and PDF)

How Do I Digitize My Content?

There are plenty of resources available for easy DIY digitizing, including at your library! Our copiers are set up to scan in black&white or color to save to your thumb drive in PDF format.

More Submission Options

If you have questions, please chat with us here.