RPL 100 Video Interviews

About This Project

RPL 100 is a collaborative Richmond Public Library (RPL) and community project with representation from all Library branches and areas of Richmond. It is committed to producing an accurate, thorough, and inclusive record of the Library’s first 100 years. We would like to invite you, our patrons, to help us create a meaningful and factual history of this organization. By compiling a fuller, forthright narrative of the Library’s efforts, we hope to facilitate future communication and growth among the Library’s staff, patrons, and our city as a whole.


Submission Guidelines

Sharing Your Content

Additional Information

Thank you for your interest in submitting a self-recorded video interview! Here a few quick and easy guidelines:

• Please use the questions below to structure your interview.

• You can submit a video recorded with your phone, webcam, or other device as long as it matches the formats listed on this page.

• Just do your best, there are no wrong answers!

• We are interested in YOUR experiences, memories, and hopes for Richmond Public Library.

• Don’t focus too much on getting dates, names, or other details correct—this interview is about your experiences and words.

• Take your time collecting your thoughts. If you need to start a story over, that’s totally fine!

1. Please introduce yourself. Include your name, how long you have been in Richmond, and current neighborhood/area of residence in Richmond.
2. What is your earliest and/or fondest memory of RPL?
3. How did you learn to read? Who were the biggest influences in your life that promoted literacy and lifelong learning?
4. What keeps you coming back to RPL? What keeps you from using RPL the way you want to?
5. What are your experiences of RPL in the past few years with virtual programs and curbside service during the pandemic?
6. What are your dreams for the future of RPL? What new or different resources would you like to see?

The inclusion of submissions in the RPL 100 collection will be at the RPL 100 Committee's discretion. The Committee reserves the right to conduct light editing on submissions. For questions, email benjamin.himmelfarb@rva.gov

File Types Accepted